A bunch of thanks to Miss Sunita Sharma for giving me guidance for my IELTS. With the help of her, I scored overall 7 bands in my IELTS test.

Ramandeep Chahal (21 June 2021)

I am very glad to share that I got 7.5 bands just because of Sunita ma’am. The way of teaching and explaining every concept was just awesome. I really appreciate your hard work and your belief in me. Thank you so much ma’am for your support.

Gagandeep Kaur (21 June 2021)

I took classes from Mrs. Sunita for IELTS with a very limited time frame. Her ability to identify the exact problem and provide me a perfect solution was simply immaculate. The solutions were not only precise and simple but exactly in line with what the exam needed. Her teaching methodology helped me to achieve my overall band score of 8. The individual scores were: listening 8.5, Reading 9, speaking 8, and writing 7. I take immense pleasure in thanking her for helping me to achieve my desired result and certainly recommend her for all the candidates seeking high scores in IELTS.

Abdul Muqeet (21 June 2021)

Score IELTS General – Listening – 9, Reading 8.5, Writing 7.5 and Speaking 7.5. Excellent, patient and skilled IELTS trainer. She was very understanding and was able to explain the material very well. Answered all my doubts and provided a clear understanding of how to handle all the exam questions. Highly recommend.

Kartik S (17 June 2021)

Her manner of teaching is so wonderful and refreshing. She is not only patient and supportive, but really knows how to motivate her students. I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in IELTS.

Khushboo Agarwal (15 June 2021)

She is the best trainer. She is very knowledgeable and most importantly, was very good at communicating. I would definitely recommend others to take sessions from her to get desired results. She helped me to achieve a 7 band score in general writing. Thanks a lot, Ma’am.

Kirandeep Kaur (15 June 2021)

A great tutor, experienced, and vastly knowledgeable person. Words are not enough to express how thankful. She is so polite and patient with your progress. She explains very well. She keeps motivating throughout. She helps finding out your weak areas and works on it with you until we get confident. She has a good grasp on what needs to be focused on to get your desired score. She also chooses good materials to practice from. I got 90 in speaking and listening, overall score is 89. This score has unblocked a lot of things. Thanks to Ma’am. I had such a nice experience with her. I would highly recommend to get classes from her.

Sheetal (19 August 2019)

I am very happy to write the review for Sunita Sharma after getting my PTE score – 90. My English was never good and I was not confident until I took classes from her. She is a very friendly mentor and very honest to give feedback on my work. I just took 20-25 classes from her for PTE and I remember initially how I was struggling for repeat sentence I was not able to rehash more than 2-3 words of a sentence, she made me practice, worked on my pronunciation, and gave awesome tricks that I scored 90 in speaking and so the desired score for Australia only in my first attempt. I did one writing task every day and she suggests the better way of writing on every single sentence. She also has great grammar tricks for the Reading module. Moreover, her fee is very genuine. I highly recommend her for PTE and IELTS classes. I admire her teaching.

Ruchir Kumar (06 August 2019)

Sunitha Ma’am is an exceptionally talented teacher. Flexible timing, simple concepts, and great teaching are what sets apart ELL from another online coaching for IELTS. Way too many times when I was totally drained, I just did not feel like preparing, interacting with Ma’am would bring me back with a bang. I owe a lot to you, Ma’am, not only did I learn English but I also learned lessons for life. I don’t think it would have been possible for me to clear IELTS without you and the least I can do is to thank you, Ma’am, and guide people to choose the best coach- Sunitha Sharma.

Solly Thomas (08 April 2019)

Sunita ma’am is a wonderful teacher. Her way of teaching is very clear which has broadened my knowledge in the speaking module. She guided me with relevant and useful information related to the exam. I took training from her for a very short span of time, but overall it was a wonderful experience. She is very good at teaching. I would say she is the best teacher to get online IELTS classes. Thanks a lot ma’am.

Ravneet Kaur (02 February 2019)

The classes I have taken from Mrs. Sunitha ma’am were excellent and very understandable. She devotes a great amount of personal effort and interest in teaching. The teaching remains very high in all categories with clear explanation and I had improved my skills a lot. Above all, the dedication and punctuality are the best things I learned from her. Everything was perfect and excellent. This was the best course I have attended so far. Thank you ma’am for your support and guidelines and I strongly recommend the aspirants to take coaching from Sunitha ma’am for your success.

Saba (03 July 2018)

I would highly recommend. Excellent training skills and knowledge. Guys, you will not get a better English teacher as her, trust me.

Rishi Kapoor (25 April 2018)

Sunita ma’am is a great teacher, she helped me a lot in each possible way during my coaching time and she also provides me extra classes without any extra charge. She shared study material, effective guidelines and the tips and the most important thing is the way she taught that was amazing. I achieved my desired scored 66 in a very first attempt in PTE within the practice of 5 weeks. I recommend everyone those are looking for PTE coaching.

Divya (10 April 2018)

Sunita ma’am, a trainer at ELL Cafe, is highly talented professional with deep knowledge in the subject area. I wrote my test in last weekend and her strategies were very helpful to me throughout the test. She is one of the few trainers who inspires and motivates students to do their best. My English has improved a lot and irrespective of my band scores (still waiting for results), I am already reaping benefits in the professional world. Once again, Thank you very much, ELL Cafe. It was a pleasure to get trained at ELL cafe.

Naziya Malek (27 February 2018)

First of all, I would like to say big thanks to Sunita ma’am for her marvellous coaching. Since, I am from rural area and very poor in English, she observed my weak points and gave coaching according to that. It was very helpful for me to practice and I have improved a lot in that section. She encouraged me a lot to speak in English, whenever I lagged to talk fluently with her. I have achieved an overall band score of 6/10 on my first attempt. But, at this moment, I have confidence that, I could clear my exam with 7.5 on next time without any fear. I strongly recommend you guys to take coaching from Sunita ma’am to get success in your exam. Once again, Thanks a lot ma’am.

Suresh (23 January 2018)

Thanks to Miss Sunita Sharma, tutor for PTE exam, really guided me and helped me built the needed confidence to score well. I scored around overall 80 with 80 plus in every subject. If you are thinking of PTE coaching, I recommend you to join the coaching without any second thought and with your convenience time.

Puneet Wadawadagi (31 May 2017)

I was struggling to get the required score of 79 in each module in PTE. Then with the help of UrbanPro, I came across Sunita ma’am from ‘The English Language Learner’s Cafe’. She is one of the most versatile preceptors with a massive experience in training people of different skill set.

During the first demo class, she quickly assessed the areas where I was lacking. With the right set of strategies in place, within a month, she managed to bridge all those gaps where I was constantly struggling. With her constant guidance and support, I finally scored an overall total of 85/90 (Speaking: 90; Writing: 85; Reading: 79; Listening: 89) in the PTE Exam, which was beyond my expectation and requirement.

People who are aiming to score high, and are keen to take the online classes to crack the English language competitive exams in one go should definitely get in touch with Sunita ma’am. She is well versed with the exam pattern and has a great level of commitment towards score requirements of the test takers. I would strongly recommend her name for the online English coaching classes.

Thank you so much, Sunita ma’am for your endless support!

Amit Bhatia (30 May 2017)

I am very thankful to Sunita ma’am for guiding me patiently throughout the preparation journey of my IELTS exam. Her tremendous support and in-depth knowledge on the exam pattern made the entire course look like a piece of cake to me, and I was able to strive for an overall score of 7.5 band in my first attempt. Thanking you wouldn’t be enough for your humongous support!!!

I would surely recommend Sunita ma’am’s name to everyone who are planning to take the IELTS exam in near future.

Bhawna Kewalramani (25 May 2017)

I have been attending Sunita Sharma’s PTE online sessions for 2 weeks. The classes are very effective and interactive, and I could learn a lot. The one-on-one training and face to face conversations on Skype are very helpful to communicate and learn things rather than the classroom sessions. I opted to attend her training because she is a Cambridge certified trainer in the English language. Her teaching style is very impressive, she explains and suggests important tips on every module. She highly focuses on the area where the student falls back and provides intensive training on that part where he/she needs to improve.

I am struggling to get the scores in writing and speaking. With her assistance, I am confident enough to score the required target. I recommend many others to attend her PTE online classes and assure to get the required score.

Mouna Reddy (25 May 2017)

Sunita Sharma is a great tutor. She has assisted me in achieving the desired PTE score in short time. She is dedicated in assisting, her tips and speaking practice has really helped to crack the exam. She has assisted me in pronunciation and Reading portion, which was really useful in the Exam. Thanks.

Dinakaran M (16 May 2017)